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Wii Uが売れている? (Wii U are selling?)



任天堂の据え置きゲーム機であるWii Uが売れています。

Wii U has sold a Nintendo of stationary game machine.)





(... In a different meaning)

任天堂から2012年11月に発売となったWii Uが売れています。

Wii U, which was released in November 2012 from Nintendo has sold.)



(Release Date I reputation was bad in the software missing from, but recently is buoyant hit such as "Splatoon" and "SUPER MARIO MAKER".)



ですが、ここで言っている「Wii Uが売れている」のとは少し意味が違います。

(But, and here to say that "Wii U are selling" of different meaning little.)


最近のWii Uが売れているのは、「売られている」のです。

(Recent the Wii U are selling is of "being sold".)





(In other words, secondhand shop is the purchase.)



(I purchaser is let go.)



(Higher its purchase price, because it is the purchase in about 3 million and seems to be an increasing number of people to let go.)




(So, why let go?)



(It has already passed three years from the sale, because thoroughly enjoyed with the software you want to play.)


そろそろ次に発売される「NINTENDO NX」の準備。

(It will be released soon to the next preparation of "NINTENDO NX".)





(As described above, because there is a high purchase price of secondhand shop.)



(It seems that more and more people to let go in such a reason.)





(So, why the purchase price is higher?)



(This is because the distribution of the number of new goods has decreased.)


任天堂は、Wii Uの出荷を絞っているようです。

Nintendo seems to be down the shipment of the Wii U.)




(The reason is that there are several, but one is stopping production.)


もともと売れていなかったWii Uは、生産しても赤字になります。

Wii U, which was not originally sold is, will also be in deficit in production.)



(So Nintendo has been adjusting the number of production, but at last as to stop the new production.)


そこに昨年から発売したソフトで人気が出たため、新規のWii Uが市場で不足してきたのです。

(Because became popular in the software, which was released from the last year there, we new Wii U has been a shortage in the market.)




(So, why not re-production?)



(If you sell, but you can now just re-production, why Nintendo is not re-production?)



(It as another one of the reasons, is the time.)




(It is about time earnings announcement.)


赤字覚悟のWii Uをこの時期に再生産して、決算が赤字になることを恐れているようです。

(To re-produce the Wii U of deficit resolution at this time, it seems the settlement are afraid to be a deficit.)



(Supply and demand becomes unbalanced in such adult circumstances, it seems that an increasing number of buying and selling of secondhand shop.)



(It's also more people to sell this in?)


2016年後半には「NINTENDO NX」が発売されるようですので、4月以降にWii Uの再生産があるのかは分かりませんが、買いたい人がいるのであれば、再生産して欲しいですね。

(Since the second half of 2016 seems to be "NINTENDO NX" will be released, but I do not know whether there is a re-production of the Wii U after April, I want you to re-production as long as there are people who want to buy .)



我が家にある2台のWii Uも、ほぼ無稼働です。

Wii U of two in the home as well, is almost non-movable real.)


(Since the principle not to sell once was purchased, it is going to be a manure of the closet this remains.(T_T)



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