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薄毛やハゲに朗報!! (Good news for thinning hair and bald! !)




(It is good news to the people of the thinning hair and baldness.)





(It might be released from finally many years of trouble.)


(Research team, such as Tokyo Medical and Dental and New York University have elucidated in the hair of the hair and the older women of the backs of mice.)




(According to the place, which was announced in the US scientific journal Science dated February 5th, the hair and take a year fall out becomes thinner, and stem cell aging to produce a hair, pores of the small organ "hair follicle (another law)." There was found to be because disappear to shrink gradually.)





(To prevent the aging of stem cells, linking the cells and the basement membrane also discovered that the "17-collagen" is essential, Nishimura, Emi Prof. of Tokyo Medical and Dental is looking for a substance to prevent the degradation of the "17-collagen" It has begun.)




(Nishimura Professor is so has said, "if it is medicine to between 5 to 10 years.")



(Reduction of the hair follicle, but was considered a characteristic phenomenon in male pattern baldness by the male hormone, it has been confirmed that also advance in aging.)



(If prevent the degradation of the "17-collagen" at an early stage, a long period of time the hair, it is so can be maintained.)





(In the hair follicle has to supply the cells that make the hair along with the stem cells to multiply themselves, usually hair growth and hair loss, and repeat the cycle of rest.)


(However, taking the year will not be able to repair damage to the DNA, "17-type collagen" is being degraded by enzymes.)



(As a result, changes to the keratinocytes of the epidermis hair follicle stem cells have lost their original capacity, the hair follicle itself also gradually reduced the loss.)


(When the "17-collagen" is degraded, yes stem cells of the dye black hair also becomes gray hair depleted.)




(The research team to examine the human results of the mouse experiment, with the cooperation of Beppu, Oita Prefecture Hospital, the results of analysis of the skin of the resected side of the head in the cosmetic surgery to take up the slack and wrinkles of the face, 55 to 70-year-old woman is compared to young women, many of the reduced hair follicle, it is so were able to confirm the reduction of the "17-collagen".)




(What finally the discovery of realistic treatment?)



(The other, how come the day when the seaweed may not eat a lot?)



(Let's wait in the hope! !)



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