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1)yellow signal to cheap lunch?





(・Disposal cutlet is more than one million copies is diverted to the lunch shop, it had been used in side dishes. Cheap lunch to compete for cheap off 300 yen. To the food, whether waste products had why crept in? It explored the behind-the-scenes.)




(・Weekdays at noon. To lunch shop in downtown Nagoya, fried or cutlet, 24 kinds of lunch such as grilled fish lined up. All but 270 yen including tax.

"It cheap, do not get tired come every day," said regular of men (55). I visited one after another salaried workers and taxi drivers, and box lunch of mountain disappears, is replenished immediately from the kitchen.)



(・According to the management, lunch cost is referred to as a "40 to 45 percent within the guideline." At about 120 yen per, rice, garnish, and subtracting such as container fee, the main "want to reduce to 60-70 yen" the half.)



(Think about the menu at cheap stocking was food on that day. When that food costs are piling up reduces the amount, sauce and curry.)



(Expiration date is close, form is not well-equipped, stock well as stock disposal "translation product". This time, but waste food has never flow in this shop, management said, "If there is no strange place by appearance, might not see through.")







2)people died in the direct hit of the meteorite






(・According to the Indian authorities, Feb. 6 (local time), a meteorite fell on the campus of the private Institute of Technology in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, that one person had died.

If it is confirmed that this explosion was due to meteorite by scientists,

It is going to be the first time the record of human death due to falling of the meteorite.)


・『The Hindu』紙などインドのさまざまな新聞が2月7日、タミル・ナードゥ州のジャヤラリター首相が出した声明を報じた。


(・"The Hindu" various newspaper of India, such as the paper on February 7, reported a statement issued by the Prime Minister Jayararita of Tamil Nadu.

In the prime minister said in a statement, has said that "yesterday, a meteorite fell on the campus of the private Institute of Technology University in Vellore district K Pansarapari, there was a misadventure".)



(・According to the local press, campus to walk the bus driver had been killed, and that three other people in addition to the injured, there was damage to the window glass in the vicinity of the bus and buildings.)





(・According to the list, "International comet report (ICQ)" has been recorded, but death due to falling of the meteorite has not been confirmed so far, interesting close call of the case was a lot.

For example, while per the people that meteorite was sleeping fall in the house, everyone in the Hodges meteorite of death there is such cases that did not result in (1954, the group fruit size, the debris of 4kg about meteorite fall in house , defeated the roof, hit the Mr. Hodges, who was taking a nap.

But suffered Mr. Hodges's terrible bruise, was not life threatening).)







3)bath towel after use Do you wash every day?




・雑巾よりも汚い!使用後のバスタオルは雑菌だらけ です。




(・Dirty than the rag! Bath towel after use is full of germs.

According to the people of the voice of the survey site, the person to replace the bath towel every day at 4 percent or less, those who continue to use the same bath towel for a week or more is so also are more than 10%.

But 100 times the bath towel after the number of bacteria alone was dry room with a single washing, rag par in the third day, it is said that bacteria is 10 billion or more in a week.

And bacteria circumstances of bath towel, I tried to find out how to maintain the fluffy bath towel.)







(・Bus towels bacteria often much?

Frequency to replace the bath towel is different, especially for no reason that the "because the house had been so", I think that many people are turning to use as a lifestyle.

However, only by dried using the 1st According to some research results room, bacteria of the bath towel becomes 100 times immediately after washing, further increasing number of bacteria in the third day, it seems to have been issued a smell of rag par.

At this point, but I just do not want to touch even the skin if possible, further If you continue to use without this remains washing one week, the number of bacteria that breed in bath towel is a whopping 10 billion or more!

This is the same level as the bacteria in the drainage ditch likely.)


・バスタオルを洗わないことでの悪影響 。




(・Adverse effect in that you do not wash your bath towel.

This only bath towel that bacteria are a lot of marked, but is likely to be in trouble when I just use ..., actually because the skin of the people are protected by such horny, do not say and quickly become ill.

However or a weak allergies of the skin, if there is a scratch on the skin in the baby there is a risk to fester.

Especially baby is so care must be taken often to make a scratch scratching the skin on their own.)


・バスタオルのお手入れ方法 。




(・Bath towel How to Care.

In order to prevent the bacteria, which is ideal to wash every day, it is one always looks good better to to wash two days even if you do not go even so. In that case, after the use of the first day it is dry in airy place waving a towel, realistic is that wash after using the second day.

But also true bath towels become stiff damaged enough to wash Wash.

Try to increase the life of the bath towel be careful in how to dry and wash way.)





(・Not too packed to the washing machine when the first wash, wash with plenty of water.

Also, put too much detergent will remain as a detergent residue on the back side of the washing tub, will be a breeding ground for bacteria.

And 20 times up and down when dry, well equipped firmly shake the fiber of hair foot, will be soft and fluffy even from dry.)







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