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狂った果実!! 「NHKはテレビを持っていない人からも受信料を頂きます???」 (Crazy fruit! ! "NHK will receive a subscription fee from people who do not have a TV ???")




(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is to undertake a review of the NHK receiving fee system.)





(Begin a study to collect the fee from the household with no television in light of the expansion of the NHK's Internet service.)


(PC other payment obligations proposed in households with a net terminal, etc., have also emerged proposal to take from all households regardless of the presence or absence of the TV.)




(The burden is expected to public backlash to increase, NHK of net service expansion or lead to national interests, careful discussion is required.)





(Such as NHK begins to simultaneous delivery of the net of the TV program from the 2015 fiscal year on a trial basis, poised to widen the net service towards the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.)




(Because you are an increasing number of young people to obtain the information on the net terminal without looking at the TV, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has determined that the reception fee system either do not pay or pay by the presence or absence of television is determined have no longer fit the era.)







(If you do not have a TV is levied.)


(This is a tax.)



(Personally, I pay because they see, but ... say in the only news and documentaries.)



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