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マイクロソフトの「Surface Pro」がリコールを実施予定!! ("Surface Pro" is planned recall of Microsoft! !)





(Windows10 is the strong Microsoft, but it seems to recall.)




今回のリコールは日本時間で2016年1月22日の23時に発表されるもので、リコールの対象となる製品は、Surface Pro」、「Surface Pro 2」、「Surface Pro 3」の3モデルで使われている電源ケーブルです。

(This recall is intended to be announced at 23 of Japan time at the January 22, 2016, the products subject to recall, "Surface Pro", "Surface Pro 2", in the three models of the "Surface Pro 3" it is a power cable that is used.)





(This cable is strong, or repeatedly or bent, there is a tendency to heat to or become stronger wound state tightly, in some cases, it is that with the risk of developing the fire are present.)



(In fact, it is that it is of the have received indications from some users.)


今回は電源ケーブルであり、Surface Pro本体の深刻な不具合でなくて良かったですね。

(This is a power supply cable, I was good, rather than a serious failure of the Surface Pro body.)





(For users who want to exchange becomes a recall of the subject, because it is that of the recall of acceptance is performed at a special site, people who have the product of the subject let's check not forget! !)



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