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不正会計の東芝、最終赤字は過去最大の7100億円!! (Toshiba of accounting fraud, the final deficit past maximum of 710 billion yen! !)




Toshiba in the restructuring in the accounting fraud problem February 4, announced the earnings forecast 2016 year ending March 31.)





(The other, the bottom is not visible.)


Toshiba February 4, consolidated final profit and loss for the year ended March 31, 2016 has announced that it expected to be in deficit of 710 billion yen.)


(From 550 billion yen in the prior forecast, worse on maximum past.)




(The breakdown of the deficit has been recorded and the provision for loss of unprofitable projects in the power and social infrastructure sector, the loss in such stock disposal in the electronic device sector.)



(There is also such as the buildup of restructuring charges, operating income is expected to be in deficit of 430 billion yen worse 90 billion yen from the expected conventional.)



(And such expected be 60 billion yen reversal of short-term deferred tax assets, the final gain or loss will be worse 160 billion yen from the previous forecast.)



(In addition, announced about 90 people in the health care business, the implementation of the relocation and early retirement incentives of about 150 people of a total of 240 people scale in the HDD business.)





(Upon restructuring, it should have been the core business and the two pillars, also two pillars that are either upset.)


(This how do we are going to rebuild the company doing it?)




(Weakens the power to make in the core business, generated restructuring costs in addition, as a result, the financial situation is further painful or it is damaged, even for free.)


(If you do not think of the divestitures, equity capital the 2016 end of March will be 1500 billion, shareholders' equity ratio will decline to 2.6%.)



(Consider the non-continuation as a leading company.)





(For personal computers and consumer electronics business, which is considering a sale to another company, but was described as "good if you can in the situation by the end of February to be transmitted some direction", with respect to the sale of the PC business that sold to "overseas manufacturers He said the choice is no longer little chance", was suggested that virtually, has been narrowed down to domestic manufacturers.)



(On the other hand, the consumer electronics business sale to Sharp also had as one of the choices, "but there is still an option, also some other choices in the case of not satisfied," he said, also with a view to sale to overseas manufacturers users had it clear that is.)


(However, the sharp to elect the reconstruction sponsor in the meeting of the Board of Directors held on the same day, the negotiations with Hon Hai Precision Industry of Taiwan has decided a policy of preferentially advance, ahead does not look to consumer electronics sale to Sharp.)




(Also, if you pull down the asset value of the subsidiaries engaged in the nuclear power business in the future the United States, there is a possibility that a new loss.)



(The other, is the JPN has no tactical option.)



(When coming up to here, what better to dismantle the once the company is not good?)



(Given the state of mind of the employees to be swayed in this situation, it has a scary thing.)




(Today February 5 is the next day announced the earnings forecast, the market shows an honest reaction.)





170 yen.



(What What amount of money?)


(It will ride even on the train?)



(This is Toshiba's share price now.)



(This has been received from the world, Toshiba now of evaluation.)



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