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東芝の旧経営陣5人に対する損害賠償訴訟請求額は32億円!! (Damages lawsuit amount claimed against former executives five of Toshiba 3.2 billion yen! !)




(Which one will the villain?)





(It is not visible only to fixed game but ...)



Accounting fraud problems uncovered Toshiba the 27th, as was damage to the company in the accounting fraud problems, increase 2.9 billion yen the claim amount of damages lawsuit that caused against former executives 5 people, including successive 3 president today announced that it has a total of 3.2 billion yen.)




(Increase in billings was alleged in the Tokyo District Court on the same day.)



(In response to payment instruction at the end of last year from the Financial Services Agency as there is the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law violations (false statements, such as securities reports), and levies 7.3 billion 73.5 million yen paid to the Ministry of Finance on the same date, correction of financial results in compensation about 2 billion 71.5 million yen paid to accounting auditor is recognized as damages, as the amount by which former executives five people and the causal relationship is found, we claim an additional 2.9 billion yen.)





(At the time that was filed last November, on the basis of 1 billion yen more than damage caused by the payment of such listing agreement penalty, but had to claim the 300 million yen, it is at once increase.)



(For five people that has been claimed for damages, was neglected 3 and the cases that and allowance for losses was not recorded in the appropriate year in infrastructure construction, attention to a total of 5 of the profits inflated by trading of PC and TV is that there is a responsibility, a total of 2.6 billion yen as a loss as a percentage of penalties, it was claimed in adding a total of 300 million yen as a loss of compensation paid to the accounting auditor.)




(However, five former executives shows the attitude that contest overall, will begin from now quagmire of trial.)



(Per 600 million.)



(You will not pay.)



(Perhaps, it is not and Apartments is can not be maintained to sue as Toshiba.)


(Corporate image is deteriorated.)


(It is pursued from shareholders.)



(I think that it is acting for self-preservation.)



(Really in charge, I think not going to recover.)



(Be met in both the perspective from the world Toshiba, it is mafia boss and gang conflict.)


(Both There is no change in the gangsters.)





(On the other hand, there was a movement in nuclear power plant business, which has become the two pillars of Toshiba's management restructuring measures.)



(The new nuclear power plant construction is difficult revenue is deteriorated disconnect the primary business of the country are from Toshiba body, it 26 days to consider the proposal to rebuild as a separate company, it was found.)


(To concentrate its management resources on the US Westinghouse Electric (WH) of subsidiary maker of business overseas, it seems aimed at expanding orders in emerging countries where economic growth continues.)



(From a single management restructuring measures, we have already heard the dissonance.)


(Japan it with a parting, that the fight abroad.)



(At the global level, new construction of nuclear power plants has slowed.)


(And what will the remaining physical strength only of the fight with the European and Chinese manufacturers?)




Toshiba's 2015 fiscal third quarter earnings announcement is February 4.)



(Whether this day is the day of destiny?)



(It is attention to the stock price! !)



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