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PlayStation Nowユーザーテスト - PlayStation Now user test -







(It has started!)

PlayStation Nowユーザーテスト。

PlayStation Now user test.)




ゲームストリーミングサービス「PlayStation Now」の日本国内における技術検証を目的としたユーザーテストを応募していましたが、参加者として当選しました。

(Game streaming service The user test which had the technological inspection which can be put in Japan in PlayStation Now for its object, I applied, but it was elected as a participant.)


これは限定なのか、応募者全員なのかは分かりませんが、「PlayStation Plus」加入者であれば、応募できたようです。

(I don't know whether it's the one by which this is limitation or applicant all the members, but when I'm a "PlayStation Plus" subscriber, it seems that you could apply.)









(Delay generated streaming service of a game, and I thought it wasn't possible, but it's quite comfortable actually.)



(Delay was hardly and "Uncharted" I played actually was more comfortable than a disk edition of PS3.)



(When this service begins to use formally, a game in the past becomes easy to play and how to buy it a game software also changes, doesn't it?)



(The back is a problem of the charge.)









(It's expected as the monthly amount of 2400 jpy, but does it have value to there?)


人それぞれなので何とも言えませんが、できれば、「PlayStation Plus」加入者は無料にしてくれると、うれしいのですが。

(He's each person, so it can be said nothing, but when you make it free, if possible, a "PlayStation Plus" subscriber is happy.)



(It'll be impossible, won't it?)



(But it can be expected very much as service, so I want you to begin in Japan early.)






(Thank you very much for reading a blog.)



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