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新型iPod発売か? - New-style iPod sale? -




先日リリースされたiTunes 12.2の中から、ブルーゴールドピンクの新色のiPodシリーズの画像が発見されました。




(A picture of a iPod series of a new color of blue/gold/pink was found from the inside of released iTunes 12.2 the other day.)

画像を見ると、新色はiPod touchnanoshuffleのすべてに適応されそうです。

(When a picture is seen, a new color seems to fit everything of iPod touch, nano and shuffle.)







(The expectation color of the iPod series is silver space gray red pink blue and the gold 6 colors.)


(There seems to be no change in the design but a new color is added.)






iPod touchは性能のアップデートが長らくありません。

(For a long time there are no updates of the performance in iPod touch.)

私もiPod touch(5G)を愛用していますが、ずいぶんと最新版を待っています。

(I use iPod touch (5G) habitually, too, but I'm waiting for the latest edition all.)



(A late model is the place you want you to go out where by and by, but is this update only the color?)



(Or CPU is raised, do you date?)



(There is also a rumor that an announcement is here on July 14, but I'll expect it and wait!)



(Further an old product is this.)




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