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いよいよ本日です。東芝の株主総会!! - It's today increasingly. General meeting of shareholders of Toshiba! -





(It's a day of destiny increasingly.)



Toshiba holds a general meeting of shareholders on June 25, today's.)





(While a series of improper accounting problem is also investigating, a result, as it'll be reported, it seems to be, but would stockholder's reaction be anything which is how really?)



(By the general meeting of shareholders of Sharp Corp. held the other day, from a stockholder, "A president retire!", it's said that there was also booing....)



(Moreover arrestee has gone out by cheat suspicion by a former Toshiba staff by yesterday's report.)


(An event is the cheat suspicion which fooled the Toshiba lie Tech. Corporation to which production was selling an office automation part by Toshiba group in 2011 out of about 780,000 yen, and it's said that office worker's Otsuru Makoto suspect (56) was arrested by the said company former office manager who lives in Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa.)


(If a company is also a company, a staff is a staff, too, isn't he?)



(Moreover it's too ill-timed.)









(On the other hand this accounting fraud problem?

"I'll be careful of I'm sorry from now on."

It's so and I also have the something to discuss that a finished movement is also here.



(It can also be said that there is a country in a back and because I also concern a national important system (national defense) when it'll be also large enterprise like Toshiba, human resources will be also pumped into various important posts later, and it's said that the preparation by a bottom half is also considered.)


(I apply to the Kanto area regional financial bureau for 2 month extension in a submission time limit of the financial statement report a financial product dealings way sets actually, and seems to be approved in a little less than only 2 hours.)



(It's good treatment.)




(When it was said that this a series of problem detection was surfaced by factional quarrels in the company, but after all did a merit-base system accelerate and invent an improper problem by the factional quarrels?)



(Every time survey result goes out, the stock price is plunging, but the investment fund of the foreign countries is to buy a stock in quantities by certain rumor, and it's said that the stock price improves.)


(Is this preparation of company takeover from foreign countries?)







(Anyway, was there a case that you fell the situation to here for the said company so far?)



(Indeed it's in the state allowed to remain in the post by one of leather, but does stockholder's reaction make something of itself by today's general meeting of shareholders?)



(Any more fall of stock prices is feared surely, and isn't it settled at the direction where it can make a soft landing?)



(This problem will be the merit of no one to be prolonged.)



(You elucidate it, improve the ventilation of the inside of the company, recover trust and want you to restore actually early.)


(In purpose of Japanese economy.)




(Thank you very much for reading a blog.)



(It's being renewed every day, so when it's good, comment, please.)