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Microsoft Office10は無料?! - Is Microsoft Office10 free?! -





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7月29日にリリース予定のWindows10は、MS Office10が無料で使えます。

Windows10 it's expected to release on July 29 can use MS Office10 for free of charge.)



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(That* has** half.)







(Office10 which becomes free is because it's a simple edition.)

無料で使えるのはPC・スマホタブレットなどあらゆる端末で動作するように開発されたユニバーサルアプリ版で、「Office for Windows 10」と呼ばれているものです。

(It's called "Office for Windows 10" that it can be used for free of charge by a developed universal application edition so that a PC/smart phone/tablet may move at all ends.)

すでにiOSAndroidでは同様のMicrosoft Officeが無償提供されているので、これのWindows版と考えていいと思います。

(Similar Microsoft Office is offered without charge at iOS and Android already, so I think it may be regarded as this Windows edition.)


今までのデスクトップ版の流れをくむMicrosoft Officeは、「Office 2016(仮称)」として発売される予定なので間違わないように!!

Microsoft Office descended from the former desktop edition is planning to be sold as "Office 2016 (tentative name)", so don't make a mistake!







(Big, the "ribbon menu" of the screen upper part assumes touch operation for a simple edition.)





(But the high function can't be used like macro (automatic start processing) by anything of the degree to make easy material by Word functionally and make a form of chart by Excel.)



(Still when not doing so high how to use, there should be a lot of enough people with this, too.)



(I'm very thankful to offer it to me for free of charge as the used side, so without complaining, I'll be unreserved and use it!




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